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Client Services

We understand that people are your greatest assets and that client companies, like candidates, have numerous recruiting options to choose from so we offer a really comprehensive selection process.

Our team of experienced recruiters are extremely successful at matching candidates to clients.  They have combined their skills, expertise and knowledge to bring a fresh approach to finding staffing solutions, while holding fast to the traditional successful recruitment values in order to deliver a highly personalised and professional service for your recruitment needs.
We will listen to your requirements and aim to provide a customised service which produces an appropriate and relevant fit to meet your needs.

Our client companies portfolio covers a wide cross section of industries in both the public and private sectors.

What client companies can expect

Get Assigned will allocate a dedicated Account Manager to each client company.  The Account Manager will ensure that the client company is briefed on the administrative procedural requirements.  To acquaint ourselves with the work setting company visits will be  made whenever possible. This will also make for a clear understanding of the organisation and personal qualities candidates would need to possess provide the best match for the company and candidate alike; the ideal fit for both client and candidate. This also allows us to brief and advise candidates in preparatory pre-interview process conducted by us.

We have set in place standardised and systematic procedures which take effect when a position/role/vacancy is presented: Initial steps would be to establish all the details of your organisation and identify a contact person if this has not already been established. Arrangements for a visit to your company where possible as this gives us a better understanding of your requirements, the work setting and the personal attributes of the candidate.  We will then ensure that you have all our details and agree rates and terms of business.

Next we will ensure that we have all the particulars of the job and the person specification for the role. Advertisements will be posted and appropriate networking  to ensure the largest capture of candidates is secured and suitable candidates contacted.

Screening, filtering, qualifying, resourcing and interviewing of potential candidates will follow and we will ensure that you are kept updated on progress made in sourcing the right applicants. This will be followed by a short listing process of the top candidates (3-5) whom we have selected for the post being forwarded to you.

We will liaise with you in terms of our selection and arrange any interviews requested. Selected candidates will be pre-interviewed briefed with relevant information regarding your company, job details and interview requirements.

Gaining feedback from you after the interviews and making any employment offers is also part of the service;  as is furnishing you with appointed candidate personal details (where required), copies of references and any other documentation required.
Our follow up procedures ensure that the appointed candidate has settled in and that both parties are happy. Any relevant invoicing will take effect.

Through our internal systems and processes we tailor these procedural measures and any additional requirements to meet the needs of individual organisations and aim to maintain contact throughout the entire process.

Full details of the company’s terms of business are available on request.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, be it a general enquiry or specific to a certain vacancy you may have.